With more than 20 years experience in the aerospace industry as a pilot, A&P mechanic with IA, instructor, and enterpreneur, Dan Bahinting manages the company’s overall operations in aircraft sales and brokering, OEM supplier relationship, customer support, planning, and other critical areas of the business. He also served as consultant to several flight schools, aircraft charter companies, corporate aviation, and FBOs operating fixed and rotary-wing aircraft in asset acquisition and logistic needs.

General Manager

Conrad “Cal” Lohner is a veteran pilot with extensive flying experience both in the military and civilian sector.  He holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certificate.  Cal is instrumental to the development of the company and manages the pre-owned aircraft sales, aircraft maintenance,  and aerospace products distribution departments.  With his knowledge, experience, and expertise he ensures that every client attained a personalized attention and quality of service they desire.

Project Manager
Aircraft and Parts Sales

Ray is an expert in pre-owned aircraft and parts sales.  He holds an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with various flying experience in different types of aircraft.  He manages the aircraft and parts sales department and is responsible in sourcing the best deals in acquisition of aircraft and parts that provides competitive pricing to customers while maintaining profitability for the company.  On his spare time, Ray provides flight instructions to students who wish to learn flying either for recreation or professional career. 

Project Manager
Aircraft Maintenance and Services

James is an experience aircraft mechanic with an FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certificate.  He manages the company’s aircraft maintenance and restoration programs such as 100 hours and annual inspections, airframe repairs and alterations, engine overhaul, and avionics upgrade.  James has been instrumental to the establishment of the company’s aircraft maintenance and services both in the US and Philippines.  His knowledge, experience, and expertise provides efficiency and cost effectiveness in aircraft maintenance operations.