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Why Drones May Save Aviation

(August 15, 2016)

Andrew Schmertz, a blogger at the Huffington Post, says in a recent post that the very thing that GA fears could actually save general aviation: Drones.

Also known as unmanned aerial systems and remotely piloted aircraft, drones are not only enticing kids into aviation, but also adults, who once they’ve gotten a taste of flight, want to try it in a “real” airplane. “And that’s the “a-ha” moment,” he says in the post.

Garmin introduces G5 electronic flight instrument for certificated aircraft

(July 25, 2016)

Garmin has received FAA approval of the G5 electronic flight instrument in type-certificated fixed-wing general aviation aircraft.

The new STC approved model list (AML) includes 562 aircraft models.

The compact G5 serves as a standalone primary source for aircraft attitude or turn coordination information while also displaying secondary information, such as airspeed, altitude and more.